Fan girls suck.

Firstly, I’d like all of you to click on the link and play the song as you read this, you know, to kind of set the mood… Now I know you may be… Continue reading


If you live on the planet Earth and have access to any device from a programmable watch to a MacBook Pro, then you’ve definitely seen the video clip to the¬†poor-excuse-for-music pop song, Blurred… Continue reading

Winston Smith: Does Big Brother exist? O’Brien: Of course he exists.

Surprise surprise, the Media controls us. Yes, all of us. No one’s an exception, not even those damn hipsters. This is no secret, and opinions on the media and its controls are dated… Continue reading

Those damn Hipsters!

Yes, you read it right, THEY ALL NEED TO GO! Talk about controversy, especially if you’ve got these bad boys up on billboards and bus stops in cities like New York, Seattle and… Continue reading

Stuff has a story, and you want to know about it. Trust me.

A video a lovely teacher showed me a while back, most definitely worth a watch. Quite the eye opener if you ask me.

Oh, the irony!!!

You know what, media? I’m blaming you for making me blame you! The only reason the topic has come up of ‘Is the media to blame?’, is because the media is saying that… Continue reading

How the hell do I hashtag BCM110?!

Well well well, here we are, all put on the spot with this ‘introductory’ blog post. So I’m sitting on my bed trying to come up with something about myself to write down… Continue reading